How to Browse the Internet Anonymously with Whonix

What is Whonix OS?

Whonix is a free and open-source operating system focused on privacy and security. It is designed to run inside a virtual machine and route all internet traffic through the Tor network, which helps to protect the user’s identity and online activities from surveillance and tracking. Whonix is based on the Debian operating system and includes a variety of privacy and security features, such as pre-configured firewalls, privacy-enhanced web browsers, and encrypted communication tools. It is intended to be used as a standalone operating system or as an additional layer of security on top of an existing operating system.

How to Download & Install the Whonix OS?


  1. The virtual box file for the Whonix OS can be downloaded from the site given below

  1. Import the downloaded OVA file to the virtual box then you will find Workstation and Gateway. Select the whonix Gateway and start
  1. Once the machine is started read properly Setup Wizard and complete it
  1. Once the Setup wizard is completed the Anon Connection Wizard will pop up ; Select Connect Then the connection will directly go tor, which we need.
  1. Once the setup the completed the click finish and complete.


How to configure Whonix with Kali

First Install and configure Kali OS on the virtual Box, then go the settings of kali virtual box and select Network   and make the changes as mentioned below;
Note: The Internal network Whonix will automatically appear when the Whonix OVA file is imported to virtual box

Now that the kali is tunneled to whonix we need to configure the network setting of kali OS before that we need to identify the whonix OS  IP address and Network mask, Fire up the whonix OS and

  1. Check if tor service is running or not by ; service tor status if not then start the service
  2. Run the command sudo ifconfig

Now we have the IP and gateway for kali,

we have selected the eth1 because, it is assigned for the internal Network.

Configuring kali Wired network settings

For configure the kali network settings, open the wired settings and make the below changes.

  1. Change the IPv4 setting to manual
  2. Add Address : you can add the ip as 10.152.152.X , replace x with any number other than 10. The first 3 octact must be same as of the IP of whonix OS , here I have given
  3. Netmask : for adding netmask we can use the same netmask as of the whonix OS
  4. Gateway : The Gateway should be IP address of the Whonix OS
  5. DNS : same as the gateway
  6. Save the settings

Now that we are ready with network connection. let’s check if its working fine, For checking the connection go to your kali browser and access the url