Nullcon 2022

G&S Team were active participants of Cocon 2022 conference hosted by Kerala Police and Kerala Cyber Police. We volunteered with the management team, Hosted our own CTF challenge and gave away a lot of swag. 

Event Details

Event: Nullcon 2022
Event Date: 10/08/2022
Event Website:
Event Location: Goa

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About Nullcon

Nullcon came into existence in 2010 and is managed and marketed by Payatu Technologies Pvt Ltd. With the advent of cutting-edge technologies, security is crucial as technology brings a myriad of threats along. Moreover, we want to assure you that we are there for you. In our conference, you get to connect with various people and gain insights from them to stay ahead in cyberspace.

CTF Challenge

We decided to host a CTF challenge for the techies who all wanted to attend a tech centric event, we wanted to add our cherry on top of one of the longest running security conferences in India. We understand the hackers and techies attend conferences to play CTFs, learn new trends and attacks. We wanted to nudge them and scratch their brain in our own way.