Stress Testing


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Stress Testing

Stress testing in cyber security, often known as endurance testing, is a way of subjecting the Application Under Testing (AUT) to harsh circumstances and assessing if it can withstand these loads. Stress testing examines software’s solidity and dependability, its error handling capability and identifies the software’s limitations above which it may crash. We being the stress testing service providing company in India addresses the issues before the programme is publicized to consumers, ensuring that a bad user experience does not arise even during high user traffic. A stress test not only evaluates the system’s performance under stress, but also its capacity to return to its normal state. It is a critical metric for determining an application’s performance. Stress testing also tests the data saving process before a crash to avoid memory leaks or resource loss. It examines the mistakes or interlocks difficulties in mutually dependent operations and identifies any security vulnerabilities that may arise during failures.


A penetration testing in cyber security is an attempt to evaluate the security of an IT system by exploiting vulnerabilities securely. Now, as a penetration service providing company in Kerala, we find the weak spots in operating systems, services and applications aside from incorrect setups or dangerous end-user behavior.

Vulnerability assessments in cyber security enable the security teams to discover and resolve security threats and hazards in a consistent and unambiguous manner. Vulnerability assessment and risk analysis informs a company about any security defects in its environment and explains how to estimate the hazards associated with certain flaws. Network vulnerability assessments are significant to the vulnerability management and IT risk management sectors, aiding in the protection of systems and data against unwanted access and data breaches.

Red teaming security services are security assessment aimed to extensively evaluate an organization's cyber resilience as well as threat detection and incident response capabilities. Red teaming is a cyber-security exercise that completely imitates a real-world attack in order to assess how effectively a company can withstand today's cyber threats and hostile actors. In this simulation, an ethical hacker utilize red teaming to play the role of the cyber- attacker, employing the same tactics, methods, and procedures as hackers to avoid detection and test the internal security team's defense alertness.