Our Process

Step 1: Understanding the Client Requirement

G&S initiate the approach with extensive understanding of the requirement of our client. Our experienced team amass sufficient information from the client through detailed discussion and tailor services accordingly. The team will then clarify the scope of work and if necessary, will suggest vital changes to the client from our previous experience on the client’s business model to deliver the most effective service. 

Step 2: Scoping and Analysis

Technical team will analyse the scope gathered from the client and state the size and nature of the project. A detailed proposal will be submitted to the client including the nature of the testing, scope, timeframe, number of resources employed, escalation metrics and pricing. The proposal will cover both technical and management sides of the project as well as establish the project plan.

Step 3: Execution

Our competent technical team will execute quality testing and deliver uncompromised service to the client. The managing team ensures the completion of the project within the pre-defined time period. The collective effort of the team will ensure value addition promised in the project plan.

Step 4: Report and Remediation Support

The team will provide a detailed report to the client comprising the security gaps identified, vulnerability description, method of remediation and reference. The G&S technical team will also provide detailing of the report through a discussion with the client’s team. Our team will support the client’s technical team at every point of gap fixing. G&S will also conduct a revalidation test to make sure all the identified gaps are resolved by the client’s technical team.