At Gladius Schild, we offer cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that ensure robust protection for both your digital landscape and physical premises. Our WiFi and physical security assessment services are meticulously designed to provide unparalleled defense against the dynamic threat landscape.

WiFi Security Assessment

Our experts carefully analyze your WiFi network, pinpointing vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cybercriminals. We evaluate encryption protocols, access points, and authentication mechanisms to fortify your wireless network against unauthorized access attempts.

Physical Security Assessment

Beyond the digital realm, we assess the physical security measures safeguarding your premises. From access control systems and strategic surveillance camera placements to intrusion detection and personnel training. Our comprehensive approach strengthen your physical environment’s security.

Backed by extensive experience and industry-leading tools, our services offer more than assessments. We provide actionable insights and customised recommendations to address identified weaknesses. Our mission is to empower you with knowledge and strategies that enable proactive defence against potential threats.

Partner with us today to elevate your security stance. Safeguard your digital assets and physical spaces with confidence, knowing you have a dedicated team committed to ensuring your protection. Prioritise your security with Gladius Schild for a safer tomorrow.

Plan and Define Scope

Our journey begins with proper planning. First we understand the precise areas of your WiFi network and physical premises that demand evaluation. Through detailed conversations, we gain insights into your security priorities, allowing us to direct our focus where it matters most.

Gather Crucial Information

In this phase, we gather vital data for a thorough understanding. Our experienced technical team will analyse your WiFi network maps, device inventories, and physical layout. The team will also look into the strategic locations of surveillance cameras, access points, and alarm systems. This forms a strong foundation for our assessment's accuracy.

Identifying Vulnerabilities

We embark on a detailed search for vulnerabilities. Our experts scrutinise your WiFi network, identifying potential weak points prone to cyber threats. Similarly, we investigate your physical premises to uncover potential entryways and security gaps. This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic assessment.

Testing and Validation

To validate identified vulnerabilities, we simulate real-world scenarios. For WiFi security, we mimic hacker attempts to assess the effectiveness of your defence mechanisms. In parallel, we will perform controlled intrusion scenarios to understand the responsiveness of access control and alarm systems.

Comprehensive Analysis and Evaluation

Our team meticulously analyses the collected data. We evaluate the severity and potential impact of identified vulnerabilities. By prioritising these findings, we ensure that the most critical issues receive prompt attention.

Clear and Comprehensive Reporting

We translate assessment outcomes into a comprehensive report. This document, enriched with visuals and simplified language, presents findings, vulnerabilities, and recommendations in an easily digestible format.

Interactive Client Consultation

We engage in transparent conversations, presenting assessment outcomes and proposed recommendations. Our experts elucidate potential risks associated with vulnerabilities and answer your queries, ensuring you're empowered to make informed decisions.

Implementation and Remediation

With a roadmap in hand, we collaboratively execute recommended solutions. Whether it's strengthening encryption protocols or fine-tuning access control mechanisms, we ensure your digital and physical domains receive the necessary enhancements.