About Us

Gladius & Schild

We aspire for a secure world

Gladius & Schild was born as a focused security provider with the simple mission of providing each of our customers with the solutions and skill sets, they need to achieve their security goals. We do this by garnering industry best service and support coupled with class leading security solutions across all manner of security domains. This ensures wherever our customer is on their security roadmap, we can work together to provide proper advising and the right solution to reach our goals together.

Our Mission

We aspire to provide cybersecurity as a service throughout the globe, ensuring quality in every step. We thrive forward to build a Security based ecosystem tailored for any business regime. We forged our system based on the trust relationship with our clients.

Our vision

We strive to achieve our ultimate objective of a Secure Ecosystem, driven by our passion for cybersecurity. We consider the monetary benefits as the derivative of the devotion to our work.

Our Credentials

why choose us

We don't just get the work done, we make sure your system is secure

Certified Professionals

Our team holds international and industry certifications. This help us stand with the top notch team also to ensure the assurance to our clients and our credibility.

Highly Customizable

Our services are very malleable, we let our customers customize our services to match their needs. We customize the services to match the client's organizational structure.

Safety is top priority

Our top priority is our client's safety and security. Our dedicated team of professionals and highly focused services ensures safety for our clients. We help create a secure ecosystem.

Timely Delivery

Punctuality is in our blood, we don't commit project timelines that we cant deliver also we do what ever we have to in order to deliver all our deliverables and projects in time.


Satisfied Clients

Looking for a reliable &
stable partner?

Our focused approach is something built into every fibre of our business model. And for our customers, this means we are experts in the solutions we provide. By focusing with only the carefully selected solutions which make up our portfolio, we streamline the full deployment lifecycle.

Let's Grow With

Our consultative and relationship-based approach ensures we understand what each organization wants to achieve, create a roadmap of how to get there, and develop an execution plan together to ensure your success criteria is always met.